BRAC is equipped to assist Baton Rouge Area businesses with recruiting top talent, and assisting candidates in seeking employment and becoming assimilated into the region.

Talent Tours

BRAC can provide customized citywide or regional tours to candidates or newly-hired personnel to showcase the Capital Region. Tours typically range two to three hours and can include one meal and aiport pick-up or drop-off if needed. Spouses, families, partners, or other relevant parties are welcome. To schedule a tour, please email our Director of Talent Development.

Welcome Packets

BRAC is happy to provide welcome packets for use by area recruitment professionals. These can be picked up at the BRAC office with a twenty-four-hour notice or they can be mailed directly to candidates.

Talent Database

BRAC is seeking talented professionals who have an interest in furthering their career in the Baton Rouge Area. Many area companies are looking for experienced workers willing to relocate to the Capital Region to fill exciting and meaningful positions.

To assist the region's business community, BRAC is building a talent database that can be accessed when companies are looking for top-notch talent outside of the Baton Rouge Area. If you are a company interested in utilizing the database, please email our Director of Talent Development. If you would like to be included, please submit your resume here. Or, if you do not have a current resume, answer a few questions here and we’ll upload your information into the database.

Before submitting your resume, here are a few things that you should know.

  • All information will remain extremely confidential.
  • No entity, other than BRAC, will have access to the talent database.
  • BRAC will contact you prior to submitting your name to a company to obtain approval to do so.
  • The talent database is for professionals currently working outside of the Baton Rouge Area only.

We hope that you will agree to be a part of the talent database so that the Capital Region can continue to attract the best and brightest. You can now be included in the database by sending us your information one of two ways:



You can learn more about BRAC's Talent Development Program here.


BRAC is working in conjunction with the following alumni associations in the Baton Rouge Area to build our talent database and bring talented professionals back to the Capital Region.