Talent Development

Across the country, fast-growing metros are experiencing what’s characterized as a “war for talent.” To support a workforce that satisfies employer demand and to position the Baton Rouge Area favorably for economic growth, BRAC executes a variety of initiatives to cultivate the region’s talent.

The talent development program focuses on two aspects – recruitment and retention of talented professionals in the nine-parish area. Contact our Director of Talent Development for more information.

Talent Recruitment

Finding top talent is a challenge. We can help. Recruitment-focused activities include:

Talent Tours

BRAC provides customized regional tours to candidates or newly-hired personnel to showcase the Capital Region, letting you focus on selling the job and your organization.

Welcome Packet

BRAC offers welcome packets for use by area recruitment professionals. These can be picked up at the BRAC office with a twenty-four-hour notice or mailed directly to out-of-market candidates.

Talent Database

BRAC seeks talented professionals who have an interest in furthering their careers in the Baton Rouge Area. Many area companies are looking for experienced employees willing to relocate to the Capital Region to fill exciting and meaningful positions. To assist the region’s business community, BRAC maintains a proprietary database that can be accessed when companies are looking for top-notch talent outside of the Baton Rouge Area. If you are a company interested in utilizing the database, please email our Director of Talent Development. If you would like to be included, please submit your resume here.


BRAC is working in conjunction with the following alumni associations in the Baton Rouge Area to build our talent database and bring talented professionals back to the Capital Region.

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Talent Retention

Once you find the right people, let BRAC’s talent development team help you keep them. Retention-focused programming includes:


BRAC’s online home of the talent program can be found on LIVEcapitalized, a comprehensive source of quality of life information. Resources include residential/housing options, job listings and resume submission, information on professional and social organizations, calendar of events, and networking opportunities.



BRAC understands the need to connect regional college students to all the Baton Rouge region has to offer. Through InternBR, BRAC provides area interns with professional development and training; an introduction to the community through service and social events; and an array of networking opportunities. InternBR’s goal is to complement the on-the-job training interns receive and to better prepare them to make the transition from student and intern to full-time employee in the Baton Rouge Area.

internBR.com    chooseBR.com

Leadership BR

BRAC founded Leadership Baton Rouge as a program to prepare a diverse group of professionals for leadership positions in the community. There are now over 1,000 graduates of the program, many of whom serve in leadership positions on boards, commissions, and hold both state and local public offices.

Special Events & Updates

BRAC hosts several special events throughout the year where newcomers and longtime locals can connect, including Around the Table – a community dining experience designed to give attendees a chance to connect in the intimate setting of home dinner parties. Additionally, BRAC sends a biweekly newsletter featuring highlights of living and working in the Capital Region and maintains robust social media presence to provide frequent event and lifestyle updates.

Newcomer Resources

BRAC provides custom tours and welcome packets for individual employers. For more information, please email the Director of Talent Development.

225 is on the Move

Video provided by 225 Magazine

Business Intelligence

BRAC’s in-house research department produces analyses on economic, demographic, workforce and other industry-specific requests. Data is available for zip code, city/parish/metro area, state and national level, as well as comparative analyses.

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Business Retention & Expansion

For 10 years, one of BRAC’s top priorities has been the retention and expansion of businesses currently operating within the Capital Region. The mission of the Business Retention and Expansion program is to lead engagement with existing businesses and industries to identify and support opportunities resulting in diversification and growth in Louisiana’s Capital Region. BRAC offers a full suite of advisory services and resources not readily available to smaller companies. Those firms can work with BRAC’s Business Advisory Team to achieve their goals through business planning, market research, international trade assistance and strategic advisory help through Six Sigma methodology. BRAC also utilizes a referral network through its key partnerships with organizations such as Louisiana Economic Development, local economic development organizations, workforce solutions (community colleges, universities, etc.), business incubators, and venture capital; these resources help to foster innovative business solutions that enhance business expansion and job creation.

Small Business & Entrepreneurial Resources

The following services are available:

Startup Assistance

BRAC assists early stage companies by connecting them with resources available in the Baton Rouge Area and beyond. Examples include:

  • Making connections to business incubator and accelerator space
  • Providing access to entrepreneurship counseling and mentoring services
  • Early stage capital connections (angel investor groups or venture capital providers)
  • Publishing an up-to-date business guide detailing startup resources at the state and local level
Project Management
  • Navigating state and local incentives
  • Resolving zoning, permitting, and regulatory issues
  • Workforce solutions through BRAC’s Talent Development program
  • Site selection and building identification
Business Advisory Services
  • Business planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing plan development
  • Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing implementation
  • Export planning
  • Market research
STEM Partnerships

BRAC is committed to increasing the partnerships between PK-12 schools and regional businesses, particularly as it relates to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). These partnerships provide invaluable experiences to students and teachers that help connect classrooms to the workforce and workplace and, therefore, the broader economy.

Partnership with Innovation Resources

BRAC facilitates connections between companies and universities in order to help companies in the region to develop new markets, products, technology applications and services. BRAC also works to expand and enhance university technology commercialization efforts, and advocates for programs and policies that encourage economic innovation.

Workforce Solutions through Higher Education

BRAC facilitates customized workforce solutions for area companies through referrals and connections  to area community and technical colleges, non-profits, and other training entities that can provide employee upskilling and other staff instruction.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

Housed at BRAC, PTAC offers services to assist companies in identifying government contracts, assess preparedness to pursue contracts and business plan development.