Catalyst, 212

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Create DateMay 1, 2012
  • Letter from Adam Knapp
  • Our Economy: Update & Outlook—The latest trends in the Capital Region economy
  • Our Progress: Measuring Our Success—A report on BRAC’s activities from May through August 2012
  • School District Restructuring and Reform: A review of the impacts of independent school districts in East Baton Rouge Parish
  • 2012 Legislative Session: A recap of economic development efforts in the Capital Region
  • Bringing Alumni Home: BRAC partners with regional schools to get alumni back to the Capital Region
  • Cover Story: Our World is Not Flat—BRAC works to give the Capital Region an international presence
  • Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination Project: Working to reduce violence in the Capital Region
  • Economic Development Investors: Leading organizations funding The Creative Capital Agenda