Baton Rouge Area Intern Network (BRAIN)

The mission of the Baton Rouge Area Intern Network (BRAIN) is to increase the number of internships available to students.  By doing so, more students can be exposed to the numerous job opportunities across the Capital Region, while creating a virtual “pipeline” of experienced professionals for area companies to hire full time.

The BRAIN webpages offer resources for both companies and students.  From instructions on how to start an internship to resume tips, the resource sections have it all.  BRAIN also includes an internship job board, where employers can post open intern positions and students can view the opportunities.

  • Company Resources - Find information on starting an internship program, creating a job description, orienting an intern, and more.
  • Student Resources - Find information on what you need to know about an internship, writing a resume and cover letter, and more.
  • Internship Job Board - See what internship opportunities are available in the Baton Rouge area.
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